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sell Sapphire glass, sapphire window, sapphire cover

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8:26 am Wednesday 4th of April 2018

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No.12 Guoyuan R.d.,
Baoguaxishiqiao Xiangqianzhou Village,

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Sales Leads Link: http://www.helioswafer.com

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Sapphire glass, sapphire window, sapphire cover Sapphire has high strength (Mohs hardness of 9), effectively prevent wear and scratches, can be used as window of equipments and optical system. We produce sapphire optical window as per customer’s blue print: Orientation: C-plane/ A-plane/ Random Shape: Round/ Square/ Special Thickness: >100um customized Surface finish: 80/50, 60/40, 40/20 Please contact me by email before ordering, or search our company name via google. Detalis peoducts please check: www.helioswafer.com Any enquiry please contact: edytian@helioswafer.com

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