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wholesale high quality name brand clothes

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10:56 am Monday 15th of April 2013

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1203 Siming South RD. Siming district,
Xiamen City,

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Sales Leads Link: http://www.aaafashion.ru

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Our company wholesale replica clothing,handbag,sunglasses,belt,hat,shoes etc.mostly brand we offer such as Armani,Ed Hardy, Burberry, Chanel,Coach, Gucci, Lacoste,LV,PaulSmith,Polo. ONLY AAA QUALITY. DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE 100% CUSTOM CLEARANCE. FREE SHIPPING. More products welcome to view our web: www.AAAfashion.ru Email: AAAfashionmall@hotmail.com MSN: AAAfashionmall@hotmail.com

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