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Multi-Function Packaging Machine

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NO. 9, LANE 61, YUNG YI 2ND ST.,
Taiping City,
Taichung County,

Company Website

Company Website: http://www.bandpack.com.tw

Company Description

Bandpack located in the central part of Taiwan (which is earning a strong reputation for quality machinery for the World's markets) is a leader in the manufacture and production of Semi and Fully Automatic Strapping Machine for P.P. strap, and Auto banding machine. Bandpack was established in 1979 with the goal of producing the best quality available for the ever growing needs of the strapping industry throughout the world. Bandpack is now one of the World's leaders in the production and distribution of strapping systems for some of the biggest names in the packaging industry with a monthly production rate of over 1000 sets. Bandpack developed a revolutionary belt-free operation in their Semi-automatic Machines elevated the old style Tensioning Trip Arm system. This new development is most beneficial to the user during maintenance and repair. It takes away the constant replacement of the pulley belt of the present system used and reduces the number of moving parts resulting in less wear. This new development has been possible by the constant research on Bandpack's part to offer their customers the best in quality and least down-time due to maintenance and or repairs. Bangpack always puts quality control on the top of their agenda when designing and manufacturing their products with YOU the customer in mind.

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  • Company:
  • Bandpack
  • Contact Name:
  • Bruce Lee.
  • Telephone Number:
  • +886 4 2273 9449.
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  • Not provided.
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  • Address:
  • NO. 9, LANE 61, YUNG YI 2ND ST., Taiping City, Taichung County.
  • Country:
  • Taiwan .

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