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Jingu industrial zone, Fenghuang Town,
Shi District Subdistrict,

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Company Website: http://www.tubeformer.cc

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Zhangjiagang JK Machiney Co.,Ltd. has years of experience on the metal proccessing machines , we concentrates on the improvement of indoor air quality for home and industry. The rapid development of industry caused a lot of pollution, and people realized this problem and want to solve it. Our propose is to help you start the air ducting system for the dust collecting, air cleaning, heating and cooling. The round ducting system is now widely used in all over the world, compare to the square ducting, the round ducting has the advantage of space saving, high strength, more efficiency, low cost, etc. The spiral duct is mainly used in round ducting ventilation, and with the development of central air-conditioning, more and more round duct is used, like the aluminum flexible duct, the PVC tube. The metal plate is widely used in air duct and manufacturing and varities of industry. We supply hydraulic press brakes and shears for cutting the plate and shaping them. We are the company when you are going to start a ducting shop, we supply you the spiral tubeformer for making the spiral air duct, the aluminum flexible tube former to make the flexible aluminum duct. When it comes to solutions concerning ventilation system, we are a reliable company you can rely on. Our company is located in Zhangjiagang City, East of China, which is 150Km away from Shanghai.

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  • Zhangjiagang JK Tubeformer Co.,Ltd.
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  • Johnny Yang.
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  • 008651258677313.
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  • Not provided.
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  • Address:
  • Jingu industrial zone, Fenghuang Town, Shi District Subdistrict, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu.
  • Country:
  • China .

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