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Manufacturer of Binding Machines

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Post-Press Equipment

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E-3 Jhandewalan,
Swami Ram Tirth Nagar,
Central Delhi,

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Company Website: http://www.pewbindery.in

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Dear Sir, We are pleased to introduced ourselves as a manufacturer of High speed binding machines, In 2011 Pramod Engineering has received and despatched 28 binding machine orders mainly to text-book printers, newspapers in India and overseas printers. The company now has 150 installations in India and abroad of its machines. All the machines of Pramod Engineering are now PLC controlled. Our machines are cost-effective that combines tried- and- tested technologies with innovative engineering design to deliver new efficiencies in post press operations of any print house covering newspaper, magazines, annual reports, text books etc. Pramod Engineering is happy to announce the installation of 6 Stitch Star binding machines at Sakshi newspapers in Hyderabad. 6 machines are producing 15 lakhs magazine copies (Center Stitching) every week. We request you to come and visit any of our installations for a demo of these machines. The 6 products that PEW manufactures are by Pramod Engineering are: 1. 3-knife trimmers of up to 25 cycles, which are capable of integration or stand alone operation with auto delivery. The pile height of the cut is 70-80mm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Flowline machines for centre stitching of text books, note books & magazines. Production can be up to 120,000 books per day in 2 full shifts. The configuration consists of: -Automatic signature feeders -6 head saddle wire stitches up to 560 mm -inline 3-knife trimmers with 4th knife option to make 2-up copies, up to 500mm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. 6-head saddle stitcher up to 6 movable heads stitching copies of upto 560mm copies. Other models of wire stitcher are capable of doing 2 or 4 head stitching up to 500 mm. These are most suitable for text books and note book manufacturing. Production can be up to 120,000 stitched sections per day in 2 full shifts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Side gathering machines for collating and stitching with side stitching solution for text books, directories,magazines and book. This line, expandable up to 36 stations is suitable for collating copies, which may lead to thread sewing sections or perfect binding operation. Production can be up to 90,000 book blocks per day in 2 full shifts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Paper Drilling for drilling reams of paper automatically, up to 4 drill heads at a time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Web Stacker for stacking forms that are coming from the web offset press. This counter stacker will ease the handling of forms from the press to the binding department. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. A new line of high speed offset printing machines for textbooks, magazines and newspaper printing are manufactured: 4-high printing towers of 508mm/ 548mm with vertical oven for heat set printing with splicer and folder. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. We can also supply spares for Polygraph bindery machines in bulk. We request you to visit our website www.pewbindery.in to have more comprehensive technical details of our machines with live demos. A live demo can be organized at your convenience. Thanks and best regards, Divesh Nath. Mobile: +91-9818204702, 9868411786 ceo@pewbindery.in

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  • Company:
  • Pramod Engineering
  • Contact Name:
  • Mahender Singh.
  • Telephone Number:
  • 09868411786.
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  • 23625020.
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  • E-3 Jhandewalan, Swami Ram Tirth Nagar, Central Delhi, Delhi.
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  • India .

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