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frankvill oil company limited

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Rapeseed Oil

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Dear Sir,madame Welcome to Frankvill co,ltd We are a Crude and Refined Sunflower oil manufacturing and exportation company located in Africa.other oil types are available,Founded in the year 1991 and with a huge and skilled labour force we can make a reliable monthly supply of 25,000 MT to Clients worldwide. We are capable to supplying 250,000 MT a year.We have the capability of supplying to any location in the world and we sell at very affordable prices. We are proud to say, we are reliable and can references of our past supplies which were all successful.We do accept Letter of Credit as one of our most efficient modes of payment.But other modes of payment are being accepted upon agreement.FRANKVILL CO,LTD uses the most up-to-date methods prescribed by AU.S.P., F.C.C., A.O.C.S., A.S.T.M. F.A.O to verify that our sunflower oil meets the required specifications for edibility and industrial standards. We have 100% quality guaranteed certificate from SGS Below is our Quotes and Terms: 0.COMMODITY: Crude And Refined Sunflower Oil. 1.COMMODITY ORIGIN: cameroon 2.MINIMUM ORDER: 100 MT / Month. 3.MAXIMUM ORDER: 25,000 MT / Month. 4.QUANTITY OFFERED / MONTH: 25,000 MT. 5.QUANTITY OFFERED / YEAR: 250,000 MT. 6.LOADING PORT: douala 7.INSPECTION: Always by SGS, 8. PAYMENT TERMS: L/C, CAD, TT ,Money gram or Western Union wire transfer depending on the amount to be sent. 10. SPECIFICATIONS: Crude Sunflower Oil Sunflower oil process ; Mechanical (expelling) pressing Acid number, KOH/g ; 1.06 Moisture and volatile ; 0.08% Free fatty acids ; 0.53% Impurities ; 0.002 Unsaponifiables ; 1.2% Color index, mg of iodine ; 15 Iodine value; 125-145 Saponification value ; 180 Refractive index, 40C ; 1.4770 Specific weight, 20C ; 0.9165-0.9180 Peroxide, micromole/kg ; 5.5 Phosphor number ; 0.40% Flash point, C minimum ; 225 Refined Sunflower Oil Specific Gravity at 20c ; 0.916-0.923 Refractive Index at 20c ; 1472-1474 Iodine Value ; 120-143 Unsaponification ; 2.5 Max Free Fatty Acid ; 0.1% Max. as Oleic Acid Peroxide Value ; 1 Max. (meg/kg) Color ; Max. 2 Red (on 5 Lovibond cell) Moisture ; 0.1% Max Appearance ; Clear and Bright Odor and Flavor ; Odorless and Bland Smoke Point ; 230C min. +/- 10C Flash Point ; 330C min. +/- 10C 11. PACKAGING: Tins, Flexi Tanks, Jerry Cans, Pet Bottles, Gallons and also as required by the client. 12. SAMPLE: Sample is free but customer most pay for freight and Test certification report fees. 13. DELIVERY PERIOD: 2 - 21 Days after contract has been signed mutually and depending on required quantity. 14.PRICE: 250-350€ per M/T depending on the distance. First order can begin immediately and we always work on first come,first served to maintain confidentiality and accuracy.And we look forward to establish a cordial and profitable relationship with you as a potential buyer in future. SO WE WILL BE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,NOTE THAT YOUR DEMAND WILL BE NO PROBLEM TO US OKAY. REGARDS MR KONGLIM CYRIL FRANKVILL OIL CO,LTD 0023775821151

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  • konglim cyril.
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  • 0023776516072.
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  • 0023776516072.
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  • ring way street, mile 90, Bamenda, Nord-Ouest.
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  • Cameroon .

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