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2μg/ml Aflatoxins B1and G1 and 0.5μg/ml B2, G2 (4/1/4/1) in Acetonitrile

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7:52 am Monday 26th of October 2015

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10 Biopolis Road ,

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Product Link: http://www.pribolab.com

Product Description

Pribolab company, according to the Official Analytical Chemists Association (AOAC) legal Method adopts advanced production technology and equipment for the preparation of mycotoxin standards, and detects all the products by spectrometry, TLC / HPLC test, compared to the known standards and awarded before to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the products, so as to ensure the quality and purity of the standard (each batch with product COA certificate). Pribolab not only provides crystalline standards also provides various types of toxins liquid and liquid mixing standards. Aflatoxin B1 Standard Sterigmatocystin Standard Aflatoxin B2 Standard Moniliformin(MON) Standard Aflatoxin G1 Standard HT-2 Toxin Standard Aflatoxin G2 Standard Gliotoxin Standard Aflatoxin M1 Standard Penicillic acid Standard Aflatoxin M2 Standard Penitrem A Standard Citrinin Standard Verruculogen Standard Deoxynivalenol/Vomintoxin Standard Cyclopiazonic acid Standard Fumonisin B1 Standard Tentoxin Standard Fumonisin B2 Standard Wortmannin(WT) Standard Ochratoxin A Standard Mycophenolic acid (MPA) Patulin Standard Diacetoxyscirpenol Standard T-2 Toxin Standard 3-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol Standard Zearalenone Standard T-2 toxin Triol Standard 15-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol Standard T-2 toxin Tetraol Standard Neosolaniol(NEO) Standard Beauvericin Standard Fusarenon X Standard 15-Acetoxyscirpenol Standard Citreoviridin Standard 15-O-Acetyl-4-deoxynivalenol Standard Alternariol Standard Alternariol monomethyl ether Standard Fumagillin Standard Tenuazonic acid Standard 25µg/ml Aflatoxin B1 in ACN 50µg/ml Deoxynivalenol in Methanol 100µg/ml Aflatoxin B1 in ACN 100µg/ml Deoxynivaleno in Methanol 25µg/ml Aflatoxin B2 in ACN 3-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol in ACN 100µg/ml Aflatoxin B2 in ACN 15-Acetyl-deoxynivaleno in ACN 25µg/ml Aflatoxin G1 in ACN 100ug/ml T-2 toxin in ACN 100µg/ml Aflatoxin G1 in ACN 100ug/ml HT-2 toxin in ACN Pribolab Pte. Ltd. Tel: +65 6875 5203 +65 9037 3896 (Singapore) +8610 5245 3171 +8613911563360(China) sale04@pribolab.cn www.pribolab.com

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  • pribolab.
  • Contact Name:
  • liu liu.
  • Telephone Number:
  • 010-63380700.
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  • Not provided.
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  • Address:
  • 10 Biopolis Road , Singapore, Adis, Central.
  • Country:
  • Singapore .
  • Company Profile:
  • technical resolve project for mycotoxin detect.

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