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FST series portable studio flash light kit

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1:38 pm Monday 16th of July 2012

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Flashlights & Torche Products

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Xitou Industrial Area, Houjie Town,
Donguan City,
Daxi Road,

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Product Link: http://www.fstphoto.com

Product Description

The design, function and agility of the product aim at using FST Battery Pack Flashlight in practice. It is passed by strict test. As multi-purpose, created and new model light, it especially suitable for fashion, image, wedding photographing and commercial advertisement. The parts of the key use the famous brand of the rld. The elements of the product ensure its quality. Flash power adopt length by length adjusting that is very important for created shoot. FST Battery Pack flashlight's flash output is 300WS, 400WS, 500WS. Model light's power is 55W, Color Temperature is 5600±l00k, at this time of the shoot, and Flash light and continuous light can independent use. Depend on the creativity of photographers, he can mix up two kind of light and shoot some special effect. The most character of FST Battery Pack flashlight is convenient for carrying whatever outdoor, indoor, mountain climbing, tree climbing, wall climbing and any places all are convenient for finding a view. A lot of photographers with big and heavy generator go to outdoor to find a view. As a result to change view is very difficult. Motor’s noise affect photograph's inspiration of people so the efficiency is low. FST Battery Pack flashlight's volume is very small so it's convenient for carrying. If 300WS light complete charging, it can flash more than 500 times. 400WS can flash more than 500times and600WS can flash more than 400 times. Note: 1. Light should avoid a drastic shake and touch the water in order to protect the product. 2. at the working time, you should adjust output power to lowest for extend service life of light. 3. Battery pack flashlight has a slight heat that is natural phenomenon. Please take a easy and continuous your shoot. 4. Batteries have electricity power in leave factory, so you can try it and don't need charge right now. When you don't use it for long time, please process to charge and discharge in every other time for extending service life of the battery and ensure natural using after.

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  • Company:
  • Dongguan Fushitong Photography Equipment Factory.
  • Contact Name:
  • Ina Gong.
  • Telephone Number:
  • 86-0769-85924988.
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  • 86-0769-85905228.
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  • Xitou Industrial Area, Houjie Town, Donguan City, Daxi Road, Dongguan, Guangdong.
  • Country:
  • China .
  • Company Profile:
  • Dongguan Fushitong Photography Equipment Factory.

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